About Pet-Luxe

About Pet-Luxe

Luxury pet products promoting wellness in dogs and cats of all stages in life.

PET-LUXE specializes in providing vet quality products at a fair price point for pets and their devoted owners. We are a Canadian company, based out of Toronto, manufacturing our entire line of great products in Canada (except for vet-wrap).

Paul Fournier, the Founder, takes special pride in giving the average pet owner access to affordable wellness products that work to sustain the lives of their furry loved ones.

The PET-LUXE line

Explore our high-quality pet products that heal, sustain, and promote wellness at every stage in life.

This luxury brand of veterinary products caters to dogs and cats and their loving pet owners, proving the highest quality formulas at affordable prices. PET-LUXE aims to offer products that promote longevity to sustain the optimal health of your furry loved ones.

Original products include PET-LUXE products and Doo Bags.


Pet-Luxe Vet-Quality Products

Meet Paul and his cockapoo, Kirby

Paul is an entrepreneur at heart. When he was just 10 years old, he would get dropped off by his parents at the local Flea Market on weekends where he would set up a table and sell sports cards and comic books. This translated into always wanting to understand customers and their perspectives. As an adult, he continues to learn about customer’s interests, needs and feedback and introduces products that fill the void in the marketplace. Customer service is our priority.

He lives an active well-balanced lifestyle by playing team sports, such as volleyball and tennis, while also enjoying mountain biking, practising yoga, going on hikes and long walks with his cockapoo, Kirby.


Pet-Luxe Treats

We are committed to sniffing out new pawsibilities in canine wellness!

We are always adding the best in pet products to our brand with the intention of making life for your pet happy and comfortable. Our achievement is marked with a wagging tail and a healthy glow.

Luxury pet products should be accessible by all loving owners

By offering vet quality products at an affordable retail price, we’re making pet wellness, longevity and health sustainability available to the average owner. From young pups to aging dogs, we have what you need for shinier coats, clean ears, prevent ailments found in older dogs.

Pets always come first.